Deployment Front-End Testing

Table of Contents

Agent #

  • Login in to the agent portal (URL/agents/sign_in) with your credentials.
  • Attempt to reset your agent password
  • Navigate to an account of your choice using the Message Pop
  • Successfully create a message and confirm delivery of the message.
  • Successfully create a message on an account that requires further dispatch.
  • Complete a message that has been escalated to the Recalls on the dashboard.
  • Submit feedback on an account of your choice.
  • Add a temporary note to an account
  • Check if address fields are populating Google Maps information
  • Check if Google Translate API is functional
  • Check if Text Case and Sentence Case is functional
  • Attempt to preview the Oncall Calendar on an account

Admin #

  • Login in to the admin portal (URL/admins/sign_in) with your credentials.
  • Attempt to reset your admin password
  • Attempt to create an Admin, Agent, and Supervisor
  • Attempt to log in as a Admin, Agent, Supervisor, or User
  • Create a Region
  • Add an Agent Ticker message
  • Add a new Resource
  • Create a new account
  • Successfully edit the company information on an account phone after creating it.
  • Successfully make edits to a script and save them, confirm that the edits display for Agents and Admin Preview
  • Successfully clone a script and add a one-time schedule to it for 30 (0.5) minutes from now.
  • Successfully add section triggers to a script, confirm they are functional in the Admin Preview and Agent Portal
  • Create Oncall Contacts on the oncall calendar
  • Add new events to the oncall escalation
  • Trigger relay escalations in the agent script
  • Confirm escalations are displaying and triggering properly on the Agent Portal

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