Liberty Platform


 The Liberty Platform was built by an answering service, specifically for the telephone answering service (TAS) industry. Liberty is designed to make a streamlined experience for virtual agents, supervisors, and their clients. All interactions are paired with cutting-edge reporting and analytics. With Liberty’s true multi-tenant environment, agents can easily handle the needs of customers for thousands of businesses in a single application. Now, the platform can empower any Telephone Answering Service, Contact Center, Small Business, or Enterprise Business with total control and visibility of all virtual communications. Liberty is the perfect name for the application because it truly frees up users to focus on what is important. Say goodbye to clunky, legacy systems, and put your answering service in the cloud.

Answering Service In The Cloud

100% Cloud-Based Platform

Our 100% cloud based platform eliminates the need to have clunky VPNs, physical servers, and internal technical maintenance for your Liberty instance. All of our solutions are hosted in enterprise cloud environments, enabling our clients to access the Liberty platform from anywhere.


Reach customers through multiple channels such as phone, chat, SMS, email, and social media. Provide a seamless and consistent experience no matter how customers communicate. Route incoming interactions to the right agent based on the customer’s channel of choice. Gain access to a complete history of their interactions across all channels. Don’t miss out on potential customers because of poor communication.

Omnichannel Communication
Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Kauneonga is committed to providing the highest form of security and compliance to maintain our client’s privacy. Our secure messaging feature aligns with all HIPAA compliance requirements. Protecting data by using compliant and secure storage and delivery practices such as SOC I/II/III & ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, PCI DSS I.

White-Label Mobile App

The perfect solution for clients who are always on the go. Access the answering service from anywhere, at any time. Empower clients to view messages, real-time analytics, access customer information, update oncall calendars, pay bills, make private calls, and much more! Branded with your company’s logo and name, providing a consistent and seamless experience to your clients.


Liberty Mobile App
Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Kauneonga’s White Lake Reporting data engine provides real-time reporting and analytics for the TAS industry, enabling supervisors and agents to make data-driven decisions that improve the customer experience and increase operational efficiency. Our centralized dashboard offers transparency and versatility with data translation, highlighting key metrics and KPIs to provide an in-depth overview of your business. Core reporting features include filtering, analyzing, and visualizing important targets, as well as generating call and usage reports with recordings to monitor call quality. With White Lake Reporting, you can leverage the power of real-time reporting and analytics to optimize your business performance.

Dynamic Agent Scripting

Our dynamic agent scripting is an intuitive user interface that develops a customized script based on the caller’s answer. This intelligent solution ensures that all agents are responding to client requests the same way, yet in a manner that is appropriate to each client’s reaction.


Our platform integrates with over 5000+ business applications to simplify your workflow and enhance your productivity. Our integrations enable you to manage CRMs, marketing, calendar functions, and more, all in one centralized location. By creating a unified system, your team can provide a better customer experience by having all the information they need in one place and reduce the time required to search for information across different tools and platforms. Even better, your clients can access all of this information from various platforms, all in one centralized location.

Payment IVR

Our agentless payment solution integrates with most payment gateways, giving our clients the ability to collect payments through interactive voice response (IVR). This solution allows payments to be made at any time during the day or night, through a secure, compliant, and reliable automation.

Payment IVR

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