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Leave your legacy system in the past and advance with a 100% cloud-based platform!

Answering Service Software

Simple And Easy To Use

Kauneonga is a software development company that is focused on simplifying customer and agent experiences. The Liberty Platform was developed for answering services and contact centers that are looking to leave their legacy systems in the past and move forward with 100% cloud-based technology.

Although Kauneonga officially launched in 2020, our team is no stranger to the answering service and contact center industries. The Liberty Platform was built by an answering service for the answering service industry. Since 2012, Answering Service Care has leveraged Liberty to contribute to an award-winning, three-generation family-owned business that is focused on offering innovative solutions that boost productivity, growth, and profitability.

We’ve worked with thousands of small, medium, and large-sized businesses in all 50 states, and across dozens of industries including healthcare, legal, property management, education, insurance, government, finance, deathcare, HVAC, and much more.

Innovation for Over a Decade

The inspiration to create Kauneonga was rooted in the absence of automated processes. In the 2010s, technology was rapidly advancing in many industries, but our telephone answering service was at a standstill. There was a lack of products on the market that could adequately meet the needs of modern answering services and contact centers. Reliance on manual processes caused frustration at Answering Service Care, our software development team began creating solutions, which formed Kauneonga.

All-In-One, Cloud-Based Platform

Determined to develop a solution that would allow for faster, smarter, and more personalized experiences, we started developing an application that we named Liberty. Nearly ten years before the official launch of Kauneonga, we began developing the Liberty application. Over the years, we constantly added new features to improve our platform, and we continue to upgrade the application today. In an industry where technology has been slow to advance, we are proud to be growing and innovating at a rapid pace. What began as a small in-house solution has evolved into the ultimate all-in-one cloud-based platform  that we are thrilled to share with answering services, contact centers, and other businesses around the world.

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